Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seasons Change

The weather is changing - the nights are cool - the leaves are beginning to change - we've moved from summer to fall - and the sailboat is coming out of the water next week!

Seasons Change!!

I love the creativity of all the seasons ... the new life of spring ... the warmth of summer ... the colors of fall ... and even the beautiful bug-killing cold days of winter!

Saying goodbye to one season can be a bit sad ... but a new season brings new opportunities! It's hard to snow ski in July. And it's difficult to grow flowers in January.

Seasons change in relationships - which can bring sadness. When my older daughter moved to Colorado this summer my heart was heavy - it still is to be honest. But I'm trusting that a new season is coming - I'm curious to see what it will bring. It won't be the same - but it will be unique!

My prayer is that God will give me grace to see His hand in the seasons of my life.

I will miss the summer and the sailing - but I will also enjoy the fall - especially the color of the leaves changing and the cool nights!

Seasons Change!

But God's love never does! (Hebrews 13:8)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Leading UP!

This summer I started a new blog focused on leadership that I'm calling "Leading UP"

As a Lead Pastor of a local church, my desire is to encourage leaders with thoughts on “leading up”

… leading people UP to God,

… leading the church UP to it’s mission,

… leading yourself UP to your potential!

This new blog is my effort to do just that! It is a place to share my reflections – and pass on some good ideas from others to help equip local church leaders! Check it out here ...

I will continue to share my random thoughts on my life here in "Windsights" but will focus my leadership thoughts in "Leading UP!"