Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Car Just E-Mailed Me!

My 2010 GMC Terrian is a real smart car! It just sent me an email, via OnStar to let me know it's mileage, the miles remaining before I should change the oil, and how much air is in each tire! How cool is that?

Technology is amazing ... and so is my new car! (32 MPG on highway ... HOTNESS!)


John Gallagher said...

Very cool; however, I tend to be a conspiracy theorist at heart with some of this technology. If they know how many miles you have driven, you KNOW they also know WHERE you have driven! Just sayin...And, who owns GM now? Do you really want them tracking you that closely?

Sheri Carlstrom said...

Love the new look! Very fresh and clean!! nice.