Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That Thing

I'm spending three weeks this summer at Epworth Forest investing in the next generation of young leaders! I started coming to camp when I was just in elementary school - now I'm an "old guy" - but I love being around students and student leaders! God is raising up a generation of young people who are going to rock this world for Christ - and I want to be part of equipping them!

The staff at Epworth Forest are doing a great job of creating a dynamic camp experience with "That Thing" - and I'm honored to come alongside them to serve the Lord Jesus and his church!

Check out the great work going on here at:

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Peggy said...

just got back from Epworth! What a Great week! Thank you Stan for leading the Leader's networking. The story of Nehemiah was one that not only applies to leadership but to other aspects of life. Just what I needed. God's timing is perfect. Our students got so much out of the week with Steve Carter. What an awesome teacher! Thanks again.