Friday, December 31, 2010

Lessons from this Past Year

As the sun gets ready to set on 2010, I'm taking some time to reflect on the highlights, lowlights, and lessons learned. I like to do this on the last week of the year, reviewing my journal and my calendar to reflect and renew my focus for the year to come!

We recently recorded this podcast of some reflections on this year at Sonrise Church with my partner in ministry, Scott Greene.

I have great memories from this past year - my 50th on this planet - it was a good year!

Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS:

- Generous Response of our Church to "Help Heal Haiti" (January)

- My 50th Birthday! (March)

- Development of my "Pastor Coaching" Ministry (June) & Kathy's Teaching Career! (August)

- A Dream Realized at the Lake (September)

- Launch of Fort Wayne North Campus & "Over a Thousand Tongues to Sing" (November)

Here are some of the LOWLIGHTS:

- Haiti Earthquake (January)

- Driving to Out of Town Meetings (Too Many Weeks this Year)

- Tough Decisions that go with Leadership (All Year)

- Dealing with the Challenges of Change (September)

- Trading my beloved Sailboat - for a smaller one! (November)

Here are some of the LESSONS LEARNED:

- In the midst of "obstacles" there are some GREAT "opportunities" if you look for them!

(Haiti Earthquake - Generous Response, Market Lows - Big Returns)

- Leadership is most important and most dynamic in the midst of difficulties!

(The "Tough Calls" that led to growth in Sonrise Church and with "Jesus in Haiti Ministries" )

- Great growth can emerge when we deal well with "game changing" circumstances!

( Jesus in Haiti Ministries "explosive growth", Multi-Site Development)

- Multiplication is more dynamic than addition!

(Multi-Site Ministry & Multiplying Leaders, Pastor Coaching)

- Equipping others is fulfilling and fun!

(Pastor Coaching & Ministry Staff Equipping, Kathy's Teaching Career)

I'm thankful for this past year - and the lessons I've learned in the last twelve months! I look forward to the new year and the new lessons God will teach me!

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